May 1st, 2007

Google Powers Business Social Network -

While other Social Networks make you friends, SaleSpider makes you money!

"SpiderAds supports the core mission of by offering members another way to make money and increase their income from regular business activity without costing them a thing," says Russell Rothstein, Founder and President of SaleSpider. "It's about time a Web 2.0 social network shares its ad revenues with its users.

An innovative program - for the first time ever in North America - Google AdSense? pays users revenue from the activity they generate through ads on user profiles, messages, classified ads, network groups and forums. The program is at no cost for every member, making SaleSpiders' myriad of free methods to generate more income that much greater. This SpiderAds program will be available to users anywhere in the world Google can send a monthly check.

"Small and medium sized businesses have been core to our success from the beginning which is why we're particularly excited about helping extend the power of Google AdSense to its users," said Kim Malone, Director of Online Sales and Operations at Google. "By placing targeted, relevant ads we can help deliver useful advertising information to SaleSpider visitors and create incremental revenue opportunities for program participants."

Rapidly growing over 100% a quarter, users exercise the site's networks to build contacts, access 10,000+ qualified sales leads, and promote their products & services through classifieds and online tradeshows - Free. This innovative SpiderAds program will pay users to utilize these complimentary features.

About SaleSpider:

SaleSpider is a business social network featuring $25 Billion worth of qualified sales leads, networking thousands of business professionals, with classified ads and virtual tradeshows for free. Within 12 months of SaleSpider's launch, the site has attracted over 600,000 unique visitors and is growing by 100% a quarter.

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