SaleSpider Media offers the deepest and most targetable reach in marketing. Why?

Our placements and audiences are created from our wholly owned sites and traffic, with no middle men, meaning that we can offer highly granular targeting at the most aggressive prices. No middleman markups, no smoke and mirrors.....just measurable results.

Intent Based Leads

We drive over 100,000+ qualified & Actional leads each for the largest Advertisers in the world each quarter. 100% Compliant to all Privacy Laws. Normally, when a campaign is turned on, it's never turned off.

Receive qualified leads on a Cost Per Lead basis - no risk to you. We receive 50+ requests each week for Pay Per Lead campaigns, so only the best offers are accepted.

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ABM Reporting

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to business marketing based on account awareness in which an organization target specific companies within based on their B2B solutions.

SaleSpider Media’s Account Based Marketing Dashboard is utilized by clients to accurately segment and measure ABM campaigns by Company Target, Company Size, Geography, Industry, etc. The dashboard includes custom reporting and integration into Marketing Automation / CRM software.

The ABM Dashboard works with:

  • • Lead Generation and Cost Per Lead Programs
  • • Display / Online Video Campaigns
  • • Email Campaigns

For more information on the ABM Dashboard, click here.

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Data Reporting

SaleSpider Media data and reporting is integrated to multiple platforms. From Customer Relationship Management systems to Marketing Automation technologies, our clients fill their Sales and Marketing Pipelines with qualified leads that go directly to their marketing and sales staff for follow up.

Display Advertising - Mobile, Desktop & Video

Owner of 20 plus high traffic sites with a Partner Network over 100,000 more. Reach Millions with efficient CPM or CPC pricing. Target by segment, titles, decision making, industry vertical and more. We add in Rooftop targeting where we GeoFence to Specific Office Locations.

This leads to industry leading metrics that result in 10x a Return on Ad Spend!

For a full list of our sites, click here.

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