January 3rd, 2007

There's a spider on the Web and it's spinning a revolution in social networking for business!

Social networking is the hottest topic on the Internet today and the SaleSpider story is an opportunity to deliver to readers a compelling article about how social networking is changing the way that business does business on the Web.

Ranked one of "the top 50 sales websites" by Selling Power magazine, SaleSpider.com has come out of nowhere and is now among the leaders in social networking for business. Launching just a few short months ago, this free site has enjoyed absolutely phenomenal growth with traffic doubling every quarter since the launch in March. SaleSpider is capturing the business social networking market with startling speed.

The SaleSpider story is compelling and a clear example of the future of the Web being here now. Readers will not only enjoy discovering how this stealth startup became a pioneer and leader in social networking for business but, they will also be inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of SaleSpider.com founder and CEO Russell Rothstein -- a man with a celebrated record of success and a passion for social networking for business which burns more fiercely than a brush fire!

?SaleSpider.com is a business social network on steroids,? says Rothstein emphatically.

SaleSpider.com has developed a cutting edge search algorithm code named: ?Long Legs?. Each night this uniquely intuitive spider relentlessly hunts the Web and currently wraps up over 11,000 sales leads, RFPs and RFQs worth over twenty-five billion dollars for instant access by our members, with that number growing daily. This robust and innovative search spider organizes the data so members can effortlessly cherry pick by region, industry and keywords. Members can also post and view classified ads, conduct job searches, recruit talent and promote their SMB or SOHO -- all while making valuable connections and all for free. SaleSpider.com offers marketing and sales pros maximum muscle for minimum effort.

?The technology behind our search spider is a story in itself. The SaleSpider search algorithm picks off leads just like flies,? says Rothstein.

Russell is a dynamic and engrossing personality and audiences are fascinated and very entertained by what he has to say about social networking for business.

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