February 20th, 2007

A Tradeshow Shouldn't Cost You money. A Tradeshow Should Make You Money.

2 to 4 times a year, managers, CEOs and marketing executives have to make a decision as to whether they should attend or exhibit at an industry trade show. The question used to be whether you could afford not to attend while today the question is more likely can you afford to attend?

The challenges regarding traditional tradeshows are many. The primary issue is the return on investment. How do you judge the potential traffic? Just how much do you spend on pens or stress balls with your logo on them? Even more crucial is trying to discern how many of the attendees will actually be motivated and qualified customers. It's another gamble which most executives would rather not have to roll the dice on.

What if you could attend a tradeshow attracting 15,000 to 20,000 motivated attendees daily without even leaving your desk? What if you could exhibit at a tradeshow where you could develop leads and close them on the spot? A tradeshow open 24/7 requiring no booth construction costs, no staffing, no setup or tear down and no travel. Say it's free and then it's a slam dunk.

And here's the lay-up; social networking for business site, SaleSpider.com has launched a feature it's calling ?Networks?. The new service is designed to be a non-stop online tradeshow where everyone and every size of business can compete on a level playing field -- marketing their products or services online to thousands of motivated and qualified leads daily.

?We realized there was a real need and no one in the market was meeting it,? states CEO Russell Rothstein. ?It really became a ?no-brainer? when we partnered with Google AdSense in a ground-breaking program which allows us to share ad revenues with our Premium Network members.?

A tradeshow which doesn't cost you money but, makes you money? Now that's what anyone would call a ?no-brainer?.

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