March 3rd, 2008

SaleSpider Launches New Interface for Powerful Business Networking

Toronto, Canada – March 3, 2008Sales Spider, the leading small business social network, launched a new visual user interface (UI) today. Based on the culmination of user feedback, the new UI boasts easy-to-use access to sales leads and classified ads through a unique model that combines social networking with powerful business tools. With a user base that is growing at over 100% per quarter, the company expects to dominate its market in 2008 as the only social network focused on delivering business benefits.

Other websites such as LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook have grown in popularity over the past 24 months. In fact, statistics show that one in four people between the ages of 14 and 45 are affiliated with one or more social networking websites. The majority of these sites, however, serve more as directories that pertain to a particular interest and provide minimal (if any) business benefits to the user. Users are now taking a closer look at the time they spend on networking sites and are seeking tangible results that extend beyond recruiting new hires, researching and downloading new music, and communicating with friends.

"LinkedIn and Facebook are great social networks, but at the end of the day they don’t make you money," said SaleSpider CEO, Russell Rothstein. "Every HR recruiter knows that LinkedIn is a terrific website for posting and reviewing resumes. And for every teenager, Facebook is great. Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with a mind on doing business and significantly boosting sales go to SaleSpider."

SaleSpider is a 'one stop shop' for friend-finding, business development, networking and partnering, posting and searching b2b classified ads, and access to tens of thousands of sales leads and government business opportunities.  Members can also view presentations, conduct online tradeshows and host live chats and webinars. All for free.

The new UI improvements announced today include:

  • Integrated dashboard-style user homepage, offering members at-a-glance information on their business network activities, outstanding requests, classified ads, sales leads and more
  • Real-time "Make Money with SaleSpider" tracking of revenues generated through referrals and Google AdSense
  • Easier access to members’ preferential business tools
  • Enhanced accessibility and searching of sales leads – viewable by industry, location, and keyword

"SaleSpider’s new interface is more useful than ever," said Robert Blatt, Sales Manager at Acces Communications. "The dashboard allows for intrinsic access to my network of business contacts and sales leads, while promoting hands-on management of my classified ads. I highly recommend the new site for any professional looking to take their career to the next level."

SaleSpider is powered by a cutting-edge search algorithm code, 'Long Legs.' This uniquely perceptive spider relentlessly hunts the Web and wraps up thousands of sales leads, RFPs and RFQs worth billions of dollars for instant and free access by a daily-expanding membership. This robust and innovative search engine organizes data for effortless search by region, industry and keyword.

"The moment we launched SaleSpider our membership numbers skyrocketed. At that point we knew we had addressed a need that hadn’t previously been met. We consider ourselves pioneers in our space and take full responsibility for the shift in how people use (and think about) social networks today," said Rothstein.

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