October 31st, 2011

SaleSpider.com Introduces a Brand New User Interface

SaleSpider.com has launched a new user interface which has made the site faster and more optimized for its over 850,000 users. The newly optimized UI lets midsize businesses know where to advertise for free, coupled with a much faster site overall allowing for clients to get the most out of their website promotion strategy and optimized business marketing.

SaleSpider has some big announcements on the horizon over the next month. Already receiving glowing praise from established publications such as Forbes and The Entrepreneur, SaleSpider has become quite the hotspot for the aspiring young entrepreneur as well as the up and coming women entrepreneur, many of whom are growing by large numbers.

One of the site's greatest strengths with the new UI is its ease of use and ability to connect with many potential leads and clients at once. SaleSpider user Frederick Kohler exclaims ?Over the period of a few weeks I had so many contacts that I just couldn't believe it. The hits are coming everyday and sales are up!?

In just a single click users are able to create an account, have a free posting to the classifieds section, and even list their business for free. With such a wide ranging reach to small and midsize businesses all over the world, it is of no surprise to see SaleSpider have the success and growth it does today. Users certainly will be interested in keeping an eye on where the site is headed moving forward, as SaleSpider continues to bolster its grasp on the world's social networking groups.

About SaleSpider.com

SaleSpider is the leader in small business social media, featuring online tools and marketing solutions for member businesses to connect with an online community, and offering internet advertising solutions for companies to reach small businesses.

SaleSpider's offerings:

SaleSpider.com -- the largest small business social network with over 850,000 businesses and growing by 30,000 per month.

Information about advertising on SaleSpider.com can be found at www.SaleSpiderMedia.com.

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