April 15th, 2013

SaleSpider Releases 25 Audience Data Segments

In April, SaleSpider Media released 25 new data segments to reach niche audience throughout the web. Powered by a proprietary keyword and landing page matching technology, SaleSpider categorizes millions of online keyword searches and categorizes them into high performing audience segments. These segments include in-market buyers, interested consumers, and demographic profiles. SaleSpider Media also creates custom data segments to hone-in on client?s ideal customers.

Reaching over 230 million unique visitors per month and updated by the second, these segments provide the most effective reach to niche consumers across the web.

SaleSpider Media has worked with large media agencies as well as direct media buyers for years, producing quality ad campaigns that drive ROI time and time again. SaleSpider Media?s new data product gives the company a new tool to help connects advertisers with their target audience on the web.

SaleSpider Media?s audience segments are sold through leading Demand Side Platforms, Data Management Platforms, Agencies, Agency Trading Desks, Ad Exchanges and more.

About SaleSpider
SaleSpider Media has multiple digital and mobile publications and applications and reaches millions of business owners and consumers every month. SaleSpider Media?s digital publications have deep and broad audience reach in multiple high demand consumer and business segments.

Clients leverage the publications reach to reach their target prospects for both lead generation and branding. SaleSpider.com offers display advertising, digital search and data retargeting, email marketing, and integrated marketing programs and has best in class metrics.

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