SaleSpider Media is Big Data. What is unique is how we are able to ensure it is packaged in targeted bundles to support our client's business goals whether it’s for lead generation or market research. Leverage our data for your competitive advantage.

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Retail / Purchase Data


With over 100 million products and 1000 retailers, our retail and purchase data is exclusive and unique and updated daily. Data includes product popularity, purchase history, price change history, and more.

  • Unique Retailers – 1,539
  • Total Products – 102 Million
  • Total Records - 2.4 Billion
  • Unique Identifiers – product category, product subcategory, retailer, product name, SKU, UPC, ISBN, price, description, image, date added, date modified, price change, product views, product purchases, and more.

Types of Customers: Banks, Investment Companies, Hedge Funds, Retailers, Consumer Packaged Goods Companies and Consumer Product Manufactures.

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B2B - Business Executives


B2B refers to complete contact info of business executives from small and medium sized businesses to large enterprises.

  • Unique People – 37 Million
  • Unique Companies – 68 Million
  • Unique Records – 324 Million
  • Unique Identifiers – First name, last name, user email, company name, phone, fax, title, company size, revenue, addresses, SIC/NAICS code, website, office email, company description, company locations, and more.

Types of Customers: Companies that sell to Businesses and Executives.

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B2C - Consumers


Consumers with contact information and complete demographics offers targeted reach from almost all geographic locations.

  • Unique People – Over 50 Million
  • Unique Records – 1.5 Billion
  • Unique Identifiers – Email, Name, Phone, Address, City, State, Country, Zip, Gender, Smoke, Drink, age (CAP), Height, Weight, Ethnicity, IP, and more.

Types of Customers: All Consumer based companies can leverage this data for targeted reach. This includes Auto, Entertainment, Insurance, Telecom, Travel, Weight loss, Dating, and More.

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Health Care Practitioner


Health Care Practitioner data includes a complete directory of all Health Content Providers and Health Resources in North America.

  • Unique Users – 2.6 Million
  • Unique Records – 17 million
  • Unique Identifiers – First name, last name, title, medical specialty, phone, company name, address, city, state, and more.

Types of Customers: Health Care Practitioners are in demand with Pharmacy and Medical Device companies.

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Search Data - Consumers


Find out about what consumers are looking for with Consumer based Intent Data. Based on keyword searches & time stamped, You can establish trends or simply target consumers ready to buy now! Each month over 20 Million in-market consumers come to SaleSpider & our properties to find products, services, news, and local businesses.

  • Unique People – 120 Million
  • Total Records – 1.8 Billion
  • Unique Identifiers – Name Your Search keyword, Interest, intent, IP, city, state, zip, device, OS, gender, income, age, education, language, and more.

Types of Customers: Search data is ideal for Companies to consumers who want to either Target in market buyers or research market demand.

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